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We started BDDS Sales, because we found what we believe is the best deer blind on the market today. I purchased my first Superior Fiberglass blind in September 2007. That same hunting season I harvested the best buck of my 25 years of hunting. I believe that blind and of course a little luck had a lot to do with that accomplishment. I was so impressed with my economy 4 x 6 blind that we decided to become a dealer in September 2008.

Superior Fiberglass blinds are comfortable, shootable and affordable.  Like every hunter, in the past we have built wood, plastic, and even metal blinds, and every year or so, we had to do repairs before the hunting season started.  We have painted, replaced rotted wood, and exterminated.  We have fought the cold wind, rain, from blinds with no windows. But no more! It is precisely these experiences that make Superior Fiberglass your wisest choice for many different types of blinds and tower combinations. You see, we have walked a mile in your shoes.
At BDDS Sales, we find it easy to sell products that we believe in. We stock many blind / tower combinations, please come take a look for yourself and you too will be a believer!
Thank you for visiting our site, please send us an email with any questions you may have.
Shawn & Trish

Make no mistake “Superior Fiberglass” blinds are the Best Damn Deer Stands