Super Six and Six Shooter
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Super Six or Six Shooter

Super Six is a molded one piece blind with 8 large windows and a 5’ x 6’ footprint.

Six Shooter is a molded one piece blind with 6 large windows and 2 small windows and a 4’ x 6’ footprint.

These molded one piece blinds are carpeted from the windows down including floor and for an added bonus has one large carpeted shelf. Extra large carpeted shooting ledges on all windows and door. Windows are 1/4″ thick plexiglass that slide in aluminum tracks up and down. “So quiet, even you can’t hear them.” Blind is totally enclosed to help keep your scent inside.
The interior and exterior of the blind is rough textured fiberglass over 1/2″ insulated foam board and painted with green exterior latex paint inside and out or optional CAMO. 3/4″ resin coated and carpeted plywood floor is quiet and durable. The pitched roof allows for added height in the center and greatly helps repel rain, sleet and snow. One piece molded rain guards over windows and door. Large size key locking aluminum insulated door with continuous hinge makes it easy for even the “largest” hunter to enter. Weighing approx 250 lbs., this lightweight blind is easy to setup anywhere.
Comfortable hunting as is or choose some of the following options:
Ground blind, 5’, 10’ or 15’ Tower